Yes I'm posting even though I said I won't. 

And yes, I've decided to use only cruelty-free makeup.

For a makeup lover like me, it's a hard step to take and I know to some of you, it might sound silly or dumb. It's just a lipstick after all...Right? That's exactly what I thought when I saw a picture of rabbits being tested on in a lab. So why should I kill a rabbit to make sure that one lipstick is safe for me to use. In fact, there are so many brands now that sell amazing and safe makeup without having to test on animals. And I'm not going to sit here and lecture you if you use non-cruelty free makeup because this is just a personal decision that I wanted to make. I just wanted to share with you guys some of the reasons that I decided to go cruelty free.
I honestly think that it changes the way that you see beauty. You really don't have to compromise the quality of your products just because you are buying cruelty-free. I personally feel more satisfied now, when I pick up a product. I feel happier when I walk past a makeup display for L'Oreal or Maybelline. I read this on Elite Daily and it rings so true: "You don’t just buy products; you invest in values, too."(you can read more of the article here) You are standing up for what you believe in by making those decisions.

But I can't say that it came easy. Most of my favourite products are non-cruelty free and it really sucked having to stop using those. You must be wondering what I did with all of those products. No, I didn't throw it all out. I am still using them behind the scenes, just no longer promoting them on my blog. It would be a waste of money to throw them out especially because I still like those products. What surprised me is that almost half of my products were non-cruelty free. 

That being said, I didn't technically make the decision on my own. I was inspired by other YouTubers and Bloggers who made the switch. It showed me that you can still enjoy makeup regardless of the products that you use. And these were people who had a lot more non-cruelty free makeup than me.

Here are a few people who inspired me: Bella Fiori (YouTube), Eline Blaise (YouTube and Blogger). LogicalHarmony (Blogger) and Cruelty Free Kitty (Blogger). Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Kitty and my go-to people to check out if ever need more information on which brands are/aren't cruelty free and products that they love to use. 

So I also wanted to share some info for those of you who are considering going cruelty-free especially if you live in Belgium and are a student because it can be really hard sometimes to find affordable brands without having to order online. 

Okay, to start off- What makes a brand cruelty-free?

A brand that is cruelty-free doesn't test their ingredients or final products on animals, nor do they allow third parties or suppliers to test their products on animals. Now, most brands comply with all of these conditions because by law in Europe, since 2009, animal testing is forbidden. However, and this is the big factor, brands that are cruelty-free don't allow testing on animals even if it is required by the law (aka in China). In China, it is compulsory to safety test all the products on animals, so if the brand sells in China, then they are not cruelty free. 

Some examples of brands that are not curelty free for this reason are: L'Oreal, Maybelline, Avon, Benefit, EOS, Rimmel, Bobbi Brown, Yves Rocher and Max Factor. For a full list you can check the one on Cruelty Free Kitty here.

Another thing that often causes disputes, is that whether or not you should buy from companies that are cruelty free but their parent companies test on animals. For example, the Body Shop is owned by L'Oreal however, as far as we know, the Body Shop is cruelty free. And I say YES! You should buy from them because it shows the parent companies that they are getting more income from cruelty free brands than the other ones, so hopefully, they will make the change.

So finally, what affordable brands are cruelty free?

Some examples are: Essence, Catrice, Makeup Revolution, Max and More, Sleek, The Balm (although more on the expensive end), EcoTools, ELF, Kiko Cosmetics, WYCON, GOSH, 2B Colours, LUSH, NYX and Physician's Formula; you can find more here on Cruelty Free Kitty.

I hope that this post was informative if nothing else and I'll be sure to give you guys updates now and then and share my favourite products. I still do stand by what I've said in my previous posts and product reviews in the fact that they are amazing products individually. Of course, there is no judgement if you continue to support those brands but if you are cruelty free too, then please recommend some of your favourite products.

I hope that you've been having a fab holiday and I'll see you in my next post (For real this time though) x
Hey guys! This isn't a usual post, but I just wanted to share a few small changes that are going to happen on my blog for the next three months. As most of you may know, I'm going to be sitting my GCSEs this year, so I really need to focus on them. That's why I'm going to be taking a short break from my blog so that I can really give my 100%. I know that some people do still blog during the exam time, but to me, I honestly don't want to put up any posts that I'm not completely happy with. I hope you guys will understand and I know that a lot of you might be going through the same thing.

I will be back towards the end of June so I hope that you will stick around because I will be bringing as much amazing content as I can to this blog after the exams are over. I want to thank you guys for sticking with me. You're all so supportive! 

Please do leave requests for posts so that I can do them all the moment I'm done with my exams.

In the meanwhile, here are some amazing blogs you can read:

One day, I got this idea for a series of posts where I interview fellow bloggers and ask them about their experience with blogging and some other random life questions. Hopefully, it will be interesting to see all the different takes on these questions. I would also love to include some questions that you guys have so comment them below and I'll add them into the next one! I love you all to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx 

If you would like to be a part of the series, then please email me or message me on any of my social media. I'd like to now hand over to Steph to talk about her thought and experiences. You can check out her blog HERE. Thank you Steph for being a part of this series!
1. What inspired you to start blogging?

When I began my first blog, in 2013 which has since (regrettably) been deleted, I began blogging because of a natural 'pull' to write. I felt that I had things to say and that the best way to express myself was through writing. I created a gmail account, signed up to Blogger and had a good run with that blog. 

Half way through 2015, I was visiting my cousin in Greece who had just found out that a friend's brother had committed suicide. She proceeded to exclaim that "he looked so happy on social media". I was outraged- partly at my cousin and partly at the world we have created through new media. People saw this man's life online and presumed he was 'living the life' but in fact was so far down a deep dark hole that he thought there was no way out of it. But because his social media said that he was fine, he must have been, right? 

Once again, I felt an involuntary 'pull' towards writing to express myself, which ultimately led to the creation of my blog as I know it to be today, Social Spying. Blogging became a place to practice my passion for writing and communication whilst expressing myself.

2. What do you think is the biggest misconception about blogging and why do you think that people have that misconception?

The biggest misconception about blogging is that it's easy to get going. In the short time that I've been around the 'blogosphere', I have see countless blogs which have a good run for a while, but inevitably end up inactive; An educated guess usually suggests that the author didn't have the heart for writing but had eyes only on perceived 'fame and fortune'. Blogging is difficult. A blogger wants to simultaneously produce content that they are passionate about whilst reaching out to an audience. Admittedly, it was dis-heartening when I initially published content and no one was reading it. Established bloggers are largely the inspiration for new bloggers, which is great but simultaneously problematic as we begin to compare ourselves to someone who has thousands of views and earns an income from blogging, forgetting that they have probably been doing this for a while.

3. What do you love most about the community?

I have made a handful of blogging friends since Social Spying's inception in 2015. I love that there are a group of people out there who take time out of their day to immerse themselves in something that I have to say. I am honoured that people give up 3 minutes of their day for me. The blogging community is incredibly supportive. Fellow bloggers are also navigating the corners of the blogging world and choosing not to go on that adventure alone which I think is so special. I know that if I ever had a problem, I could voice that on my blog and it would be met with positivity and guidance. Rarely, and I really do mean infrequently do I see 'hate comments' towards authors. I've also noticed a bit of healthy competition in the blogging community...but I don't think that's a bad thing. It's enlivening to see that so many people are trying to co-exist as opposed to eliminate and out-compete one another.

4. Have you been teased or bullied at school/work because you blog? What would your best advice be for someone who wants to start a blog/has just started a blog and is worried about the teasing?

I like to think of myself as Hannah Montana- living the best of both worlds. I have intentionally kept my blogging life separate from my non-blogging life. Mainly, I chose to do this because I know how friends have been judged or mocked for starting Youtube channels and I believe that any idea is most fragile in its beginning stages. I am so optimistic about my blog and don't want anyone bringing me down. I also felt that if I wanted to express myself, I would have to be careful of being politically correct. Although I always aim not to offend, I am more expressive and revealing knowing that no one knows me in person.

My advice would be to start it off as a secret. Immerse yourself in a world where you can let your imagination and creativity run wild-without holding back from fear of mockery. Eventually, if you choose to do so, you may reveal your blog URL to others that you know, or you may not. Keeping your blog a secret to begin with doesn't prevent you from always keeping it a secret. Let it be your own space until you feel confident enough to reveal it to the world. Similarly, I know that my blog will not always be a secret. My goal is to eventually reveal my content to those who know me in real life, because I'm proud of the space that I've created, but that moment isn't now. And it doesn't have to be.

If you've already revealed your blog URL and you're being teased then my advice to you is keep going! Others who have the time to mock and be mean have too much time on their hands. You should be proud of yourself for having the courage to create your own space and furthermore for having the bravery to tell others about it. You go! Keep creating! Those who stick it out usually get the best results.

5. What is your opinion on sponsored content? Do you like reading it or not and why?

This seems to be a big debate as of late. I understand that bloggers get the opportunity to make money from their content. I don't see that as a problem. People always say that their ultimate goal in life is to 'be happy'. Happiness is combining one's passions with monetary value. To get sponsored content, the creator has obviously worked hard and if a brand recognizes their efforts then why not get paid. It seems like people have issues with sponsored content, until they get an offer.

I have no problem in watching content that has been paid for, as long as I enjoy the product that is being sold to me. The only time that I don't like reading sponsored content is when it feels forced or not genuine. That's the worst. But, that's also up to the the content creator to decide.

6. How do you keep your life organized with work, blogging and spending time with friends/family?

I would love to say that I have a highly organized system going with diaries or notepads but I'd be lying. I don't see blogging as a job, hence, I blog when I can, without pressure. I also have what I like to call 'pockets' of inspiration- when I get inspiration to blog, I get a truck-load at once. Due to the dumping of inspiration, I can write several posts in a short while and then keep them in my drafts for a 'rainy day' when my pockets empty and the truck backs away. I think the balance of work and play is so important for mental health and happiness. I spend time with my family and study with time to blog. I think it all comes down to time management and priorities!

7. Have you ever thought about quitting blogging? If yes, why?

I have quit blogging before! So, yes, I've thought of it and then I've deleted every post and the whole blog to go with it! However, on my most recent blog, Social Spying, I've never thought of quitting. I have history of never posting...but that was never because I was quitting. I just wasn't as involved in the blogging world as I am now. 

I've been taught to see things through right until the end. At first, my blog was getting minimal views and I felt like I was writing to a wall- which isn't a problem if that's the author's intention, but I had hopes of having a living, breathing and respiring organism interact and possibly enjoy what I write. If I were to ever have quit this blog, it would probably have been whilst it was a new-born blog. 

For now, I plan on seeing this blog right until the end...wherever that end point may be.

Spring is right around the corner as the first official day of Spring is the 20th of March, well that's what it said anyways when I Googled it. The days are (hopefully!) be going to get hotter and therefore my makeup routine has changed. My skin is starting to become really oily and we tend to sweat more, so I've started to use new products, still affordable though, to combat the changing weather and I'm going to be sharing them with you! I love you all to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx

I also want to say that this a collab with one of my good blogger friends, Sanjana from Peridot Cove. She's doing a post on her Spring Essentials so you guys should definitely go check it out and send her some love!
The Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser Primer is my all-time favourite primer. It's perfect for oily skin like mine and I really feel like my makeup sticks well to it. It's a silicon based primer that I like to use on my nose and then smooth it out around the rest of my face. It makes your skin feel SOOO smooth and soft.

I like to go for a BB Cream around this time of the year because it just feels more comfortable on the skin and it doesn't feel cake-y at the end of the day in my opinion. However, I've recently discovered the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation in the shade "335-" (I swear this post isn't sponsored by Maybelline. I just love their products!). I like to use just a bit of this and then sheer it out with my Primark Oval Brush to give that look and feel of a BB Cream. I usually do mix in a bit of a lighter foundation because this shade is too dark for me (I never thought I'd say that!). Here I'm just using the Essence Stay All Day 16h in the shade "30". As for powder, I stick with my favourite Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder. It just does the best job of keeping me matt for the longest. I haven't found another powder that does a job like this one so a lotta love for it. If you have more normal to dry skin, then I would recommend the Catrice Sun Glow Mineral Bronzer because it isn't too shimmery so it gives a nice overall glow to your face.

I've been getting more into contouring recently and the one I've been using it the darkest shade in the Primark Contour Kit. They recently came out with some new, darker colours so I picked it up and I've been using it frequently since. It is slightly shimmery but doesn't really look that obvious on the skin. For blush, I use the Essence My Must Haves blushes and I've been alternating between the three colours I have. When I feel like a more shimmery blush, I've been going for the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts blush in the shade "Candy Queen of Hearts".

As for highlighter, I'm actually going to be sharing a bit of a different product with you guys. It's the Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter in the shade "10-be a unicorn" and it's a trend that was popular on the Youtube and Blogosphere a while back. I was pleasantly surprised actually. When I saw people raving about it, I just didn't understand what the craze was because it honestly seemed weird to put a multi-colour highlighter on your face. But it actually give a beautiful, holographic glow to the face and looks gorgeous both on the cheek bones and on the nose. If I don't go for that highlighter, then I've been loving the Jeffree Star Skin Frost in the shade "Dark Horse". I received this for my birthday and I've been using it almost everyday since.

For Mascara, I'm still using the same combination; the Avon Lengthening Mascara and the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof and both are black. 

Today's post is a really exciting one because it's the first time that I'm taking part in a Link-Up. It's hosted by my lovely blogger and friend, Guilianna Marie. You can check out her post and the other blogger's posts over HERE

PS: I'm aware that all of these products except one are from either Essence or Catrice. That is just because I really like their products and they're really affordable. I'm not sponsored by them. 

I have a mixture of cream, shimmery, satin and matte eyeshadows. I love the cream eyeshadow and eyeliner sticks from Essence because they're so easy to use on the go. The purple eyeshadow stick from H&M is also one of my favourites, even though I don't get a chance to use it that often. I did wear it on my birthday with the light purple shade and the browny-purpleish shade from the Essence My Must Haves Palette. 

The Essence My Must Haves Palettes are new from Essence and they're basically a customizable palette. You can choose from the shades they have and then just slot them into the palette that you can buy separately. I love this so much because it's great to see affordable brands duping high-end brands like MAC. 

The All About Roses Eyeshadow Palette has all shimmery shades and one or two satin shades. It's perfect to use over a matte colour from the Nude Blossom Palette. The same goes for the Essence Metals single eyeshadow which I've finally got my hands on. It's so pigmented and gorgeous; I would definitely recommend! If you don't like metallic eyeshadows, then I would suggest the Catrice single eyeshadow that has a more satin finish. It looks beautiful on the eyelids. 

All these colours complement each other so well and they're so pigmented and easy to use for on the go. 

What are your favourite spring/summer eyeshadows?

Hey guys! As you may or may not know, it was my birthday on Wednesday and I turned 16! OMG I still can't believe it! The time has passed by so quickly and I know, I know that's a such a cliche and cheesy thing to say but it's true. In honour of my birthday, I wanted to answer 16 questions from you guys; one for every year I've been alive. I asked you guys on Twitter and a lot of you emailed me with some questions so I'm going to be answering them today as well as some other FAQs.

1. Why do you say "I love you all to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx" at the end of all your posts?

I truly mean it when I say it and it's just a way to show my appreciation for anyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog posts.

2. What subjects are you doing at GCSE?

I've actually got this on my About Me+FAQ page but I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English Literature and Language and French. For my choices, I'm doing Geography, History, Computer Science and Design Technology.

3. What subjects are you going to be doing at A-level or IB? I'm not sure which one your school offers. And if you're doing IB can you say which ones will be at HL and which ones at SL? Thank you! And I have another question. Can you please do an update once you're done with your GCSEs, like a review on everything and your advice because I'm going to be going into Year 10 soon and I want to know what you recommend and why you chose those specific subjects.

I'm going to be doing IB and the subjects that I've chosen are English Lit (HL), French B (HL), Geography (HL), Economics (SL), Maths Studies (SL) and Biology (SL). And I can definitely do an update/review if you guys want to see that but that will obviously only be something that I can do after I get my results. If you have any more questions, you can always email me with them and I'll get back to you ASAP! :)

4. How did you come up with the name for your blog and why did you select that?

Well, Jasmine is a name that I've always loved and I maybe one day, I'll make it my middle name. And I just tacked on Loves at the end because I share everything that I love. Nothing too special.

5. What in your opinion, is the best part about blogging?

I think the best part is meeting new people; bloggers and readers. It's so much fun interacting with everyone who reads my blog and also talking to fellow bloggers. It's crazy to think about this amazing world of friends that I haven't ever met, but I feel like I know them. That's the beauty of blogging!

6. What blogs do you like to read?

I have a whole page dedicated to all the blogs I like to read with links to all of them over here.

7. Do you have any family traditions for birthdays? And how did you celebrate your birthday this year?

We don't have any specific family traditions but we go out to dinner at a place of their choice and cut a birthday cake. This year, I'm going to be having a birthday lunch with my friends.

8. How do you edit your Instagram photos? They always look so nice!

I don't edit my Instagram posts at all! I only turn up the brightness a bit if they're looking a bit dull but that's all. Thank you though! x

9. Who are your current favourite Youtubers?

It's just so hard to pick. I watch SO many Youtubers, so I'll split them into small, medium and bigger Youtubers. I'm sure there are many more but these are just the people that I can remember off the top of my head. Who are your favourites? Comment them down below so that I can check them out!

Small: Eve Bennett, Molly (Beauty Spectrum), Fabulous Hannah
Medium: Mel Joy, Saffron Barker (main channel and vlogs), Hannah Renee, James Charles
Big: Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Nikki Tutorials, MissRemiAshten (main channel and vlogs)

10. What's a new makeup discovery that you've been living for?

I've just discovered the Primark Oval Face makeup brushes and I am OBSESSED! The finish, the feel on your skin, the way they blend out the product; it's just un-real. They're so affordable as well so I definitely recommend that you pick them up if you can. You won't regret it!

11. Who is a blogger that you think deserves more recognition?

Two bloggers come to mind immediately and they are Guilianna from Guilianna Marie and Steph from Social Spying. They're both amazing girls with equally great blogs and I love reading their posts so go check them out and tell them that I sent you!

12. Who is a Youtuber that you love and want to shout out?

Zoe Louise is a Youtuber who I know in person and she is one of the most genuine and nice people you will ever meet. I know that because of exams, she's not been posting recently but please do go check her out and send her some love. You can also check out her blog here.

13. How do you deal with the disappointment when you've put a lot of effort into a post and then you don't get a response or very few views/likes? PS Can you follow me on Instagram please?

When you work really hard on a post and you don't get the feedback you expect, it can be really disappointing. I try not to focus on it too much and move on to work on my next post. I've never been one that's all about the numbers and I try to stay that way. It encourages me to put out better content and work harder on my posts. Be positive and move forward. PS: Check Instagram! :)

14. What is your favourite type of blog post to write?

This is quite a hard question but I think that I most like the chatty posts. I think it feels more real and personal. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging about makeup but doing some personal posts now and then

15. What is your favourite makeup brand?

I'm not a person who likes brands, but I'm more focused on individual products. Overall, I think Essence or Maybelline are really good brands. I have a ton of products from Essence so I guess I would choose them .

16. What is your current favourite TV/Netflix show?

I haven't had time to watch much Netflix recently but I've been enjoying Riverdale (hello, Cole Sprouse!) and Jane the Virgin. What are your favourite TV shows?

Bonus Question: Favourite candy?

Easy! Haribo Tangfastics or Haribo Pasta Frutta

Some of the products mentioned in this post were kindly sent to me for consideration for review. These products have been marked with an asterisk. The other products have been bought with my own money. As usual, my opinions are 100% honest. I would never support a brand that doesn't fit in with my blog and I would never lie about my opinions. For more information, you can visit my 
Disclosure/PR page.

Catrice is a makeup brand that I've been using for a while and over time, I've gathered quite a few of their products. Today, I'll be giving you a rundown of all the products that I have and telling you whether they're worth the buy or not. These are obviously my opinions. You might have tried some of the products and loved them, and that's completely fine. This is just what worked for me and what didn't. If you have any products from Catrice that you've tried and loved, then let me know. I love you all to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx

Prime and Fine Pore Refining & Anti-Shine Base//Euros 4.59*

I'm quite disappointed with this primer. I had heard such good things about it, but it really didn't seem that amazing. It feels just like a moisturizer, it's really thin and I can't tell any difference when applying my makeup. It promises to visibly refine pores but I can't see that at all. The only thing it does it hydrate, and it minimize some shine. Although, if you have dry skin, then I think you'll like this. I will finish this but will not repurchasing. I would prefer my Maybelline primer any day. I've heard that the primer in the pot is a lot better so maybe I'll pick that one up and try it out.

Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder (Shade: 010-Golden Light)//Euros 3.99*

This bronzer has the typical see-through lid packaging and quite a large pan. This is actually a baked bronzer with a light shimmer through it. It obviously doesn't work as a bronzer for me so I used it on top of the powder to add some colour back into my face. I lightly dusted this all over my face and it gave me a really nice glowy look. Although I've never tried the Ambient Lighting Powders, I've heard a lot about them, and this might be an affordable dupe. The powder itself isn't chalky, it's very smooth and applies nicely. Unfortunately, I can't tell whether it would be good as a bronzer but it seems like it will be and it could be a nice highlighter for paler skin people.

High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder (Shade: 010-Light Infusion)//Euros 4.99*

This has the same packaging as the bronzer and the pan is quite large. I immeditely noticed that the powder was a bit chalky but it still felt smooth and has AMAZING pigment to it. The shade is a pearly colour with a golden undertone. The glitter isn't chunky, it's fine and it's a shade that would suit every skin tone. The shade can be intense so use a light hand and since the powder is a bit dry, there might be some fallout so I suggest tapping the excess product off your brush before applying it to your face. It's very buildable; you can easily use it for a day to night look. I would definitely recommend this because it's so pigmented, easy to work with, affordable and you get lots of product!

Deluxe Glow Highlighter (Shade: 010-The Glowrious Three)//Euros 4.59*

I am so disappointed with this. I was really looking forward to trying this out because I haven't seen affordable brands come out with highlighting trios like this. The first shade is the nicest one, but only for a very subtle glow. In fact, I could even get away with using the darkest shade as a face powder. They have a hint of shimmer but that's not very evident when applied to the face. I think this would be really nice if you have pale skin but for slightly darker skin, not worth it.

Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof (Shades: 110-Rendez Blue, 100-Pearly Bird*, 090-Petrol and the Wolf, 050-Brown Town Girl*, 040-Karate with Bronze Lee*)

The blue eyeliners are my all time favourites so I could not wait to try the others out. The brown colours are nicely pigmented and are good for a natural look. I do think that they're not as pigmented as the blue ones but they would probably look better if you have lighter skin as they tend to blend in with my skin colour. The bronze shade is nice for a day when you want your eyes to seem wider and more awake. The same goes for the pearly shade. I actually really like this. I'm not big on light eyeliner because they can sometimes look weird with my skin but this one actually looks really nice and made me look much more awake than I actually was. The pigmentation and creaminess seems to vary depending on the colour so I recommend that you swatch them before purchasing to see if you like the consistency.

Multi Matt Blush (Shade: 020-La-Lavender)//Euros 3.99*

I've been loving matte blushes recently, so I was really excited to try this out. The wavy design on the blush itself it super pretty and it's compact so I can easily travel with this. I like to mix the shades together when using this, but you do get a lot of fallout in the pan because although the blush is smooth, it is also a bit powdery. It has a beautiful colour but you have to build it up because it isn't the most pigmented blush. It has four shades in it: a dark mauvy shades, a dark pink, a light pink and a very pale, baby pink. This blush comes in two shades and the other shade is slightly more pinky-orange, so if you prefer those kinds of shades, then I would suggest that one. It's not that good for dark skin; you really do have to build it up but I like to use this for a very natural everyday look. It's not something that I'm obsessed with but I think it would better on lighter skin tones.

Volumizing Lip Booster (Shade: 040-Nuts about Mary)//Euros 3.59

This tingles on your lips when you apply it. I honestly don't know whether this makes my lips bigger (because my lips are on the larger side naturally), but the feeling of this on the lips is so oddly nice that I want to keep applying it on my lips. The colour is super pretty and natural. It has an okay lasting power but like other lipglosses, comes off when you eat but I don't mind reapplying it so I can have that feeling in my lips again. It's actually so satisfying.

Ultimate Colour Lipstick (Shade: 420- Plum Fiction)//Euros 3.99*

This lipstick is my new favourite. It's creamy, applies beautifully and smoothly, it's nicely pigmented and it doesn't feel heavy at all on the lips. The colour payoff is great; one swipe and you're ready. The only problem with a lipstick being as creamy as this one, is that is wears of really quickly and the shade that I have is a dark reddish-pink colour so it just stains the sides of your mouth as well. You probably won't have such a problem with this if you use a lighter colour so I'm still open to trying out new shades. The packaging is really nice for such an affordable brand. I love the formula but this just isn't a colour that you could wear regularly, so I would like to try out some of the lighter colours soon.

I've been wanting to test out H&M Makeup for a while now but it's not that easily available here so when I saw there was a store with the range whilst out on a shopping trip, I couldn't resist picking up a few bits. They have some gorgeous things in their beauty range and I wanted to try everything. (Hopefully soon!) I love you all to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx

P.S. Comment any requests you have for posts because I want to do more posts that you guys want to see.
Starting off with the packaging, I think H&M have got the perfect minimalist and geometric design that runs through their range. I'd much rather have minimalistic packaging than something tacky or too over-the-top. I'm a huge fan of gold and black as a combination; it's just effortless and classic so it appeals to lots of people. I will say that it's not the most sturdy because in the end, it is plastic. The lid on my eyeliner is loose so I won't be able to take it with me when I travel which is a shame. But the dip eyeliner pot is made of a glass material which is obviously better so I think it just depends on the product.

Selection-wise, they have a LOT of products to choose from. Eyeshadows for example: There are tons of eyeshadow shades that range from neutrals, to pinks, to more colourful shades. It really depends on what you're looking for. I had a quick count on the website and I think I counted about 60 different, single eyshadow shades plus they also have their eyeshadow palettes. I'm definitely giving the product/colour selection a big thumbs up!

Molten Fusion Eye Pencil (Shade: Pennine Way)//Euros

I like to use this as an eye pencil. It has amazing pigment and glides on the lower lash line. On the lash line, the colour pigment isn't as vibrant as it is if you were to use it on your eyelids but it still looks really beautiful and has a luxe metallic finish.

This is currently available in some H&M stores but if you want to pick it up, then you'll need to hurry because this was limited edition and it won't come back once the stocks have run out.

UPDATE: I've looked online for this everywhere and I can't seem to find it but I did find some other colours in their standard beauty range which are equally as beautiful.

Cream Blush (Shade: Dusty Rose)//Euros 7.99

This is the first cream blush I've tried but I really like the consistency and the feel. It's creamy, easy to blend and has a nice finish. I like to use this underneath a powder blush because it lasts longer. Unfortunately, I think that this shade, although really pretty and natural, is a bit light for my skin tone. It looks a bit pale and honestly, kind of out of place is I don't put a powder on top. I like to apply this with my fingers but you can easily use a brush. It can be a bit dry looking sometimes.

Gel Eyeliner (Shade: Deep Charcoal)//Euros

This is the first time that I've tried a gel eyeliner and I'm definitely not disappointed. It's really easy to apply because it's smooth and creamy, even for a beginner. It dries matte and doesn't smudge after it dries. The shade that I have originally seemed like a true black to me but it's more of a grey-black shade. I thought that I wouldn't like it but I've actually grown to like the colour quite a bit.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush//Euros 5.99

Since I've been getting into doing my eyebrows more recently, I decided to pick up a spoolie (I think that's what it's called). I find it a bit hard to brush product through my brows sometimes especially when using a powder because the powder seems to settle in the middle of my brows. So far, I've really been enjoying using this even when I'm not doing my brows just to brush them into place. It's also an oddly satisfying feeling to brush through my brows...just me? Okay probably.

Overall I'm really impressed but I don't think that I can make a judgement on the whole range until I've tried more of the H&M products. I'm really glad that I got my hands on the eye pencil before they got rid of it. If you have any products from H&M that you've tried and loved, then let me know so I can try them too! x

Today I'm going to be sharing a makeup look that's inspired by Valentine's day. As you all know, Valentine's day is known for it's red and pink colours so I decided to do a red-bronzey eye look and a glossy pink lip. Obviously, you can tailor it to suit what colours you like and the palettes you have. I won't be reviewing all the products because it is a makeup look and not a review but if you would like reviews of these products, then I'll link some posts where I have reviewed them or you can comment and I'll be sure to review them for you (P.S. How many times have I said review already aha?). I love you all to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx


I like to start with eyes first so that I can clean up any fall-out when I put on my face makeup. Starting off with my Essence I Heart Stage Eyeshadow Base, I'm putting a bit of this on both my lids to prime them and make the colour stand out more. Next, I'm going to take my Nude Tude Palette by the Balm and mixing the shades Sultry and Sleek, and applying this all over my lid as a base colour. For the overall lid shade, I'll be taking the shade Sexy from the same palette and putting is in the centre third and outer third of my eye, focusing it especially in the outer third and all through the crease. Moving onto the I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Palette, I'm applying a bit of Wrapped to the outer third, Cocoa all over the lid, Golden in the centre third towards the inner corner and finally, Foiled in the inner corners of my eyes. I'm then going to blend everything out lightly so that everything flows well together. We don't want any harsh lines or streaks.

For pencil liner, I'm going to use the Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner (Shade: 01- Go Bro'nze) and put this on my lower lash line to add some dimension. I'm also going to be taking a bit of the shade Cocoa and bringing that into my lower lash line as well.

For eyebrows, I'm going to be using my holy grail, Essence Eyebrow Gel: Colour and Shape (Shade: 01- Brown) with my eyebrow brush and setting that with the Essence Make Me Brow (Shade: 02-Browny Brows).

For eyeliner, I'm going to take my new favourite H&M Dip Eyeliner (Shade: Deep Charcoal) on my Essence Eyeliner Brush and drawing a line on my eyelids. I'm going to flick it out but I'm not going to do a cat eye because they don't really suit me. If you prefer a cat eye, then you go for it girl!

I'm going to curl my lashes with my NYC Eyelash Curler and apply 2-3 coats of the Essence I Heart Extreme Volume Mascara to my upper lashes. I'm not going to do anything to my lower lashes.

Left to Right: I HEART MAKEUP PALETTE: Foiled, Golden, Wrapped, Cocoa
NUDE TUDE PALETTE: Sexy, Mix of Sultry and Sleek

Girl, we're going to need to prime because the base that I'm going to be using is HEA-VY. As usual, I'll be using my trusty Mayeblline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer. Okay, so for the base, I'm actually going to be using a product that I've never talked about before and that is the Lakme Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse (Shade: 04- Golden Light) and the reason being that it's REALLY full coverage in my opinion and I just don't have the need to wear something that heavy on a day-to-day basis. A little bit of this goes a long way, so I'm going to take the smallest amount, about the size of a pea and blending that all over my face with my hands. I feel like using your hands is the best way for this product, but it works well with a beauty sponge as well. I would stay away from a brush because it can look streaky. Another note: this does oxidise so I would suggest going 1-2 shades lighter than you need. Mine's about 2 shades lighter. I'm going to set this all with the Avon MagiX HD Finishing Powder.

This mousse can leave your face looking really flat, so to add dimension, I'm going to use the Catrice Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder (Shade: 010-Golden Light) which makes you look glowy and more alive if you have darker skin. Blush-wise, the I Heart Makeup Triple Baked Blusher (Shade: Candy Queen of Hearts) is the one I'm going to use. I'm just swirling all the colours together and putting a bit of this on the apples of my cheeks.

Time for my favourite part, Highlighter! I really wanted this look to be glowy so the Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder (Shade: 010-Light Infusion) is the highlighter I'm going to use. I'm going to apply this to my cheekbones and working it up a bit and also on the tip of my nose.


Finally for lips, I wanted it to be more natural because the eye and face makeup is so heavy. I'm going to use the Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow (Shade: Cherry Me). This is a tinted lipbalm type-thing and it's very moisturizing. For lipgloss, I'm going to put a bit of the Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss (Shade: 15-True Love) in the centre of my lips. Of course, this is optional; you can skip it out if you like.
Hey guys! I'm going to be turning 16 soon and there are a few things that I want to ask for. I thought I'd share my wishlist with you because maybe it could give you some ideas about what you would like to ask for, for your birthday or even Christmas. There are mostly makeup bits here but I have included some other items. I understand that most of these things are really expensive but even if I just get one of these things, then I would be happy. And even if I don't get anything, or I get something that's not on this list, I will definitely love it equally as much, if not more because I REALLY appreciate gifts which people have put thought into. All of my friends know how much I love sweatshirts/hoodies, fluffy things and of course Pugs, but these are specific things that I could think of. I love you to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx

My 16th Birthday Wishlist

1. Primark PS Pro Oval Makeup Brushes (different sizes)
2. The Balm Cosmetics Betty-Lou Manizer (available at Di for my Belgian readers)
3. Pandora Bracelet + Charms (This is the thing that I want the most! I'm going to be asking my parents for this)
4. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost- King Tut
5. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost- Dark Horse
6. Nanshy Fan Brush (or any other Fan Brush)
7. Makeup Revolution ICONIC 3 Eyeshadow Palette (available at Di for my Belgian readers)
8. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Concealer
9. Morphe 35P Eyeshadow Palette
10. Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Set (available at Di for my Belgian readers)
11. Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set (available at Di for my Belgian readers)
12. Doug the Pug Book
13. White Marble Notebook (I want a new notebook to make my blog notes)
14. The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Butter
15. The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation (Shade: 075-Caribbean Mahogany)
16. Lauren Conrad Beauty Book
17. Sleek Highlighting Palette (Shade: Cleopatra's Kiss) (available at Di for my Belgian readers)
18. L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Pro Matte Foundation
19. Hair Brush Hair Straightener
20. MUA Eyeshadow Palette (Shade: Undress Me Too)
21. Essence the Metals Single Eyeshadows (Shade: 06-Rose Razzle-Dazzle)
22. 16 Balloons (I've wanted to have these balloons for ages ever since I saw them at HEMA)
23. Pug Plushie

I've tried to link everything that I could find (none are affiliate) so that you could get them too if you like.