12 Blog Posts You NEED to Read #1

by - 17.6.17

It's been a while since I have properly sat down, read through a ton of other blogs and caught up on what's going on the blogging world. I was going through my Bloglovin' feed and I saw so many AMAZING posts that I needed to share with you guys because some of them really inspired me and reading through all of them, not just the posts I mention here, but every single post I read (mind you, I read a lot, like A LOT) taught me something new and showed me why I love blogging so much. I wish I could list them all but then we would be here all day. Here goes the run down of the posts that you have got to read, because gurlll otherwise, you would be missing out! If you've already read all of these, I'm giving you a virtual golden star because, girl you deserve it.

(Disclaimer: I have taken permission from the authors of the blogs that I mentioned, to be able to use their photos in this post. I do not believe in stealing in any way and all the photos in this post are not mine; each photo is by the respective blogger I've mentioned)

(Paula @ Thirteen Thoughts)

I had to include this one. Although it was published a while ago, I can't help myself but to keep re-reading it. It speaks to me so freaking much because I haven't been wearing any makeup for the past 2 months, throughout my exams and I found everything Paula said that she dealt with was so true. I know people deal with that. I am lucky that I didn't have to deal with that because I don't usually go for a full on face of makeup on a daily basis, but it just taught me so much and it helped me kind of accept myself a little more. And it also made me feel thankful for the uh-mazing skin I have. Yes, I do have some acne. Yes, I do get pimples in the most obvious places (uhum chin, forehead, right between my eyebrows; yup all the places which are basically impossible to hide). But on the whole my face is smooth and I still have pretty soft skin. Lucky, I know right. But a few months ago, I wouldn't have said the same thing. I still hate my nose area because I break out a lot there, but I guess I've learned to accept that it's part of the cycle. I don't know exactly what cycle I'm on about, but it's some cycle alright?

(Kirsty @ Kirsty Jennifer)

We all know that I really don't shy away from a glow. My highlighter, it needs to be poppin' 24/7. No less is accepted. I love the Jeffree Star level glow. I wanted to include this post because even though I loooooovveeee highlighting and having plenty of options, I don't want to break the bank doing it. Kirsty recommended some palettes that are now on my wishlist because they look so stunning and there's so much variety. I completely trust her opinion and I recommend reading this if you wanna get that glo' for the summer.

(Hannah @ Hannah Gale)

Hannah is one of my all-time favourite bloggers. I loooove all of her content. Sponsored content is something that I'm seeing more and more people talk about nowadays, but this is one of my favourite posts by far. The topic is explained so well and Hannah shares some advice that I think even more experienced bloggers should follow sometimes. No shade here, just as a reminder I guess. 
(Jasmine @ Jasmine Talks Beauty)

Is is even possible for me to write a post without featuring Jasmine? Hell no! I am a major fangirl and I absolutely adore Jasmine and her blog. (She replied to my comment once and I freaked!) I have been binge reading (Is that even a thing?) all of her posts and I found it so hard to pick one that was my favourite. Her photography is amazing, her posts are amazing, she's amazing. But I decided to pick this post because it was so cool to see her feelings on makeup. Many people think that we put on makeup because we feel insecure, but makeup is actually a form of expression and art, that anyone can do. The points Jasmine touches on really struck a chord with me and I think they will with you too.

She also did a post on sponsored content which I would recommend if you're interested in reading more.

(Fee @ Makeup Savvy)

When I go out next time, I am going to ask for a free sample. That is my mission. Usually I feel embarrassed but after reading this post, I realized how much money I could potentially be saving. I can try the product before buying it to see if I actually like it and if the shade matches me or not. In the past, I've bought products and they don't match my skin colour. I'm then left with products I can't use. Lush is a brand that was mentioned and I've wanted to try their products for a long time nad they can be quite pricey so I'll go in at a quieter time and try asking for a sample. Have you got any products to recommend?

(Rebecca @ From Roses)

From Roses is another one of my favourite blogs and this post really got me thinking. I've always thought of going out on my own to watch a movie or go shopping but I always feel like I'll look stupid. One of the things on my bucket list is actually to go watch a movie by myself. Rebecca creates UH-MAZING daily content and her posts are so unique and I feel like I can relate to her so much.

PS: Doesn't Rebecca look sooooo pretty in all her photos? SO JEALOUS!

(Rebecca @ From Roses)

There's just something about this post that I really loved. I think it's actually very brave when bloggers open up or anyone for that matter, because you allow everyone to see part of you and putting it out onto the Internet it really amazing. I've always looked up to Rebecca and I've always had so much respect for her and after reading this, it has only grown more. The post resonated with me and I think it will be the same case for a lot of others. 

Plus her dog is so cute, it's just a reason to read this post!

(Kate @ It's Kate Rose)

This is something that more and more people are talking about and it made me so happy to hear one of my favourite bloggers talking about it. I think sparking a discussion is the best way to set the rumours and the false accusations to rest. It's how there are bloggers saying that the industry is "so over-saturated" when some of them have only recently started blogging and quickly gained fame. My response is the same as Kate's: there's space for everyone as long as you have the passion, love and determination to do what's in your heart. Another thing I love, is that it's the smaller bloggers (although Kate is wayyy better than me) who stand up for the community. PROUD SMALL BLOGGER!

Another PS: How amazing is her makeup set-up? I'm so envious.

(Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight)

This post spoke to me so much. I feel like I'm saying that for all of them, but this post embodies what I've been feeling about blogging recently and reading it has given me such a "pick-me-up". It's the small things that really impact me and make me feel good, and confirm that I'm doing the right thing.

(Robyn @ Hey There Robyn)

Loved. this. post. Man I remember when I had my old blog (now deleted so no point looking for it!) and I did so many of these things. I can say that I have definitely learned from those mistakes and I wish I had something like this to read when I first started. Robyn is a babe and she goes over all the basics like follow and no-follow links as well as crediting images. What I loved most about this post, was her advice on expectations that new bloggers come into blogging with. Everything she says is so true and if you're new, or even more experienced, I would still recommend giving this a read because it's a great reminder to all bloggers. None of us want to repeat our mistakes from our early days and it's important that they're highlighted now and then, so that we're always reminded to stay true to ourself.

(Marina @ Marina Writes Life)

I had to shoutout my girl Marina. She's one of my best blogging friends. She's so sweet and her blog is just as amazing as she is. If you have the time, I would recommend reading all of her posts but my favourite one has to be the one where she talked about some Morphe products because there is so much hype surrounding their products, especially because of all the promotion they get from big YouTubers. I completely trust Marina's opinion and I don't want to spoil it for you, but if you want an honest view, then I recommend reading this.

(Lauryn @ The Skinny Confidential)

Wow. Just wow. Read this. I can't really put my feelings after reading this into words. This is something that is really common in the workplace and especially at school. We are told that we should be used to it, but after reading this, it made me think that we shouldn't have to get used to it. I can't say that I haven't ever said anything bad about someone else but it's good to have a reminder sometimes what effect it could potentially have on people. Some people think that their behaviour is justifiable. Just because you don't say the negative stuff to someone's face, doesn't mean that it makes it any better to say it behind their back.

Whenever I read a post like this, especially after watching 13 Reasons Why, my mind just understands the logic behind the hate less and less. It blows my away that people would do something like this. I watched One Love Manchester and it was so beautiful and the most perfect tribute I've ever seen. Why can't love be like that everywhere? This just serves as a reminder that some people don't learn. Sorry that this last one quickly went into a small rant. I just couldn't help myself but share my thoughts.

What have you read recently that really sparked a thought in your mind? 
I would love to hear all about it! 
x Nikita

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