Hi, my name is Nikita!

I'm a makeup lover, avid reader, language-learner, food fanatic, Gilmore Girls addict, sad songs fan (especially John Legend), pug obsessor and an amateur hand letter-ist. I also like to think that I'm pretty good at baking and writing. That's why I started blogging; to share all my loves in one place. 

Other unrelated stuff about me?
I appreciate puns (good and bad accepted), I love shopping, fluffy socks and soft blankets. I enjoy comedy movies and all things Harry Potter. I follow too many Instagram pages about pugs and I am slightly obsessed with planning.

Most importantly, I'm a Ravenclaw.


How old are you? I'm 16 (March 1st 2001 #PiscesSquad)

Where do you live? A very small country called Belgium

Why is your blog called Jasmine Loves when you're name is Nikita? I just love the name Jasmine and if I had a middle name, it would be that. Initially, I wanted to keep my blog anonymous so no one at school would find out. But now, I couldn't care less because I'm doing what I love! I still decided to keep it "Jasmine Loves" though. I like the sound of it better than "Nikita Loves". The logic is non-existent, I know.

What skin type are you? Combination/Oily skin

What GCSEs are you doing? I'm doing French, Maths, Triple Science (Bio, Chem and Phys), English Literature and Language, which are compulsory subjects. For option subjects I'm doing Computer Science, Design Technology, History and Geography.

What subjects are you doing for IB? French B, English Lit A and Geography at HL and Maths, Biology and Economics at SL.

What do you take your pictures on? I use my iPhone 6 to take all my pictures.

What's your favourite season of RPDR? 100000% Season 6. Adore is my favourite Drag Queen. I LOVE her so much. MY IDOL! Bianca comes in at a close second.

What languages do you speak + Can I talk to you in languages other than English? I speak English, French, German, Dutch (although it's a bit rusty) and two Indian languages: Hindi and Tamil. And yes of course! English is my strongest but I don't mind you talking to me in any of the other languages that I speak.


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